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A Clear Vision for the Future of Canadian
Nuclear Laboratories

Innovation Canada Alliance (ICA), consisting of B&W, Cavendish Nuclear, and the Battelle Memorial Institute is committed to the sustainment, growth, safe operations, and environmental stewardship of Canadian Nuclear Laboratories.

ICA has unmatched experience in the transformation of nuclear research laboratories and operations, and is prepared to integrate its team’s skills in environmental restoration and science & technology leadership, to position Canada as a world leader and international collaborator in nuclear and other fundamental research and development.

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A Leader in Nuclear Innovation

B&W has been at the forefront of nuclear innovation since the dawn of nuclear power. From powering New York City’s first subway to developing the B&W mPower™ small modular reactor, B&W has been a strong and innovative name in the nuclear industry. Today, we’re creating new opportunities by designing, testing and manufacturing advanced nuclear components across our established North American infrastructure. It all started when at the end of WWII, Admiral Rickover authorized B&W Canada to transfer US Navy steam generator technology to the Canadian Government; which became the starting point for B&W’s CANDU™ steam generators.



  • Operates the only two Cat 1 (strategic special nuclear materials) nuclear facilities in the U.S.
  • Provides nuclear operations support to Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Idaho National Laboratory (INL), Los Alamos National Lab (LANL) and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)
  • Operates six nuclear manufacturing plants in the U.S. and Canada
  • Supported every CANDU energy project around the globe
  • Handles more HEU (highly enriched uranium) and nuclear materials than any other contractor


Innovation in Nuclear Cleanup

Cavendish Nuclear is delivering  Britain’s most ambitious nuclear decommissioning project (totaling $2.56 billion)–the complete site clearance by 2023 of the nation’s fast breeder reactor site at Dounreay in the Scottish Highlands. Our innovation is reducing the customer’s closure timescale by 16 years and yielding savings of more than $1.5 billion on previous estimates. We are accelerating the clean-out and removal of sodium-cooled reactors, bringing new decommissioning techniques to the fuel cycle facilities that will reduce dose rates to workers and managing the removal of the site’s high security fuel inventory.



  • Responsible for 13 licensed nuclear sites in UK
  • Decommissioning of 10 Magnox sites, Harwell, Winfrith and Dounreay
  • Operates on all 36 UK nuclear sites
  • Delivering accelerated closure to deliver government cost savings

Cavendish Nuclear

About ICA

Science and Technology Innovation

With a management role at seven United States laboratories, six for the Department of Energy and one for the Department of Homeland Security, Battelle is solving what matters most by driving scientific discovery and inspiring innovation. Our approach to laboratory management reflects our commitment to safe and secure operations and a commitment to community and other key stakeholder relationships. Because of our reach across multiple laboratories, Battelle is able to create “Communities of Practice” to share what we have learned across the network to develop future lab leadership to ensure breakthroughs for decades to come.



  • World’s largest non-profit R&D organization
  • Manages and operates multiple laboratories, including INL and ORNL, the primary nuclear laboratories in the U.S.
  • Led extensive, highly successful multi-year transformations of the ORNL
    and INL
  • Extensive record and expertise in technology management and commercialization, with multiple highly visible and commercially
    successful innovations
  • Extensive government, industrial and academic networks




Ed Wannemacher,
Director, Business Development

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Director, Canadian Business

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Project Manager




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